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The pattern is the same throughout history…

What do people in power do with that power? Do they willingly give it up, or do they abuse it?
What do people in power do with opportunity? Do they let it pass, or take it?
What do people in power do when they make mistakes? Do they do what’s right for the masses at their own expense, or do the protect themselves and their friends first?
What do people in power do with responsibility? Do they accept it, or pass it on to someone else?
What do people in power do? What’s right for others, or what’s right for them?
So ask yourself… What will our politicians, lawmakers, bankers, and traders do?

Will they face the pain of their decisions and do what is right to fix the problem, likely losing everything they have and all of their power in the process, or will they do everything then can to try and keep their power, and above all else, protect the status quo?