Food Additive References
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Additives, Asthma and Secondary Reactions at
Adverse Reactions to Food Additives at 
Adverse reactions to food; Food Allergy And Sensitivity at 
Adverse Reactions To Foods and the Listing of Fast Food ingredients at 
Agrochemical contaminants measured in Body Fluids at 
All Allergy - Adverse Reactions to Aspartame [Nutrasweet®, Equal®, 951] at
Allergies (Nutrition Village) at 
Allergy Clinic UK at 
Allergy Information at 
American Food and Drug Administration - FDA at is the main site and the 3,000 additives list is at plus many more files
ANZFA at  Look for Fact Sheet: Food Additives - Commonly Asked Questions.
ANZFA paper "A general standard for food additives" at 
ASEHAQLD - Queensland group concerned with many dangerous food additives and hyperactivity in children at 
Aspartame [Nutrasweet®, Equal®, 951] Fraud and Deception, an article by Dr Mercola (who publishes a weekly newsletter for doctors) 
Aspartame [Nutrasweet®, Equal®, 951] Toxicity Information Centre at 
Aspartame -  Take aspartame products back and demand a refund!
Asparteme -  has hundreds of files
Asparteme -
Asparteme -
Asparteme - our latest survey!
Asparteme - "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad." Aldous Huxley [Other names: Nutrasweet®, Equal®, 951]
Asthma and Allergies at and look for a document on Food Additives
Australian Permaculture site has files Food Additives: Preservatives and colourings used in food! CHECK YOUR LABELS at  and 
Biorganic France at 
Business Week at  'Do Food Additives Subtract From Health 05/06/96'
Classification of dyes and lots of files with details about individual dyes is found at 
Coatings at  European Coatings Net - Additives ABC
Chemical Cuisines Guide to Food Additives, Food Additives to Avoid, and other files go to CSPI Document Archives at and 
Chlorinated hydrocarbons measured in Body Fluids at 
Chlorinated hydrocarbons measured in Food Products and Animal Feed stuffs at 
Codex Alimentarius Commission 
Dangerous Food Additives [reversing labels] at 
Data sheets and literature on families of compounds eg. Lactic acid at 
Diet and Human Degeneration - Artificial Sweeteners - Aspartame [Nutrasweet®, Equal®, 951] at 
Diet and Human Degeneration - Food Additives: Food Additives and Hyperactivity in Children at 
Direct Food Additives and Chemical Contaminants in the Diet at
Do You Know What's In Your Food at 
Drugs products containing Aspartame 
Drug stores move to remove cold, diet drugs after FDA warning November 7, 2000 at CNN (TV station) 
Ethical Consumption site contains files on Additives and many other topics at 
Fatal anaphylactic reactions to food in children at 
FDA list of Indirect Food Additives at 
Food Additives and Ingredients Association, Dangerous Gas - Antioxidants and Antioxidation in Food 
Food Additives - Are They Safe at 
* Food Additives at 
Food Additives at 
Food Additives at 
Food Additives at 
Food Additives at 
Food Additives extensive charts and listings at
Food Additives at 
Food Additives Guide at 
Food Additives (Nutrition Australia) at 
Food Additives with Susan Bryce an Australian researcher at 
Food Allergy and Adverse Reactions to Food Additives at 
Food Chemistry - Food Allergy - Food Additives at 
Food Ingredients made From Animals at 
Food Standards Agency UK at 
Health Central General Encyclopaedia on Food Additives at 
Information on glutamates at 
Inorganic compounds (eg. oxides, chlorides) measured in Food Products and Animal Feedstuffs [part of a large collection of files] at 
Institute of Food Science and Technology: Current Hot Topics at 
Jeff Rense Sightings at Huge listings of information
Kosher foods book "Do You Know What You are Eating?" on additives at 
Lactose Intolerance information, two of many sites on additives at and 
Medical Students - Adverse Food Reactions at 
Milk information at 
More Food Additives at 
Natural Food Colours: Emphasising European Technology... at 
Natural Law site on GE News dated September 23 on Aspartame [Nutrasweet? Equal? 951] at 
Nexus Magazine and at 
Nutrasweet ?at  [Aspartame, Equal? 951]
Oral EDTA data at 
Our Garden - Food Additives at 
Phenylpropanolamine Information Page at 
Phenylpropanolamine Questions and Answers at 
Phenylpropanolamine at 
Research on Food Dye at 
Rob Cruickshank's PCR Food Additives page at 
Secondary Direct Food Additives Permitted in Food for Human Co at 
Sugar Degeneration at  and 
Sue Dengate (Fail Safe Newsletter) on Food Additives that cause allergies in children at 
Suite 101 specialises in Food Additives and Allergies. Many files at 
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The New Additive Code Breaker by Maurice Hanssen with Jill Marsden, revised for Australia by Betty Norris. Published by Lothian. 1991
University of Oxford Chemicals site on a food additive sequestrant EDTA - 
Victorian Government site at  and look for a page on Food Additives
Whale at 
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